Buck tobacco sponsorship

The Swedish Match Tobacco Company paid a settlement to the California Attorney General after it was caught illegally distributing free chewing-tobacco samples on public property in California. The monies from that suit were given to the Public Health Trust, based in Oakland, CA, to distribute in the public interest. Part of the money supports a project to help public health advocates eliminate tobacco sponsorship of rodeos.

Media advocacy planning

We developed a media advocacy plan to counter the aggressive marketing by the tobacco industry at family sporting events, and to shift the focus from arguments that frame tobacco marketing as a children's issue back to an issue of irresponsible industry marketing: Bucking Tobacco Sponsorship at Rodeos: Strategies for Media Advocacy and Public Engagement.


Through intensive media training sessions, we taught advocates how to develop a media strategy as well as how to anticipate difficult questions in interviews and prepare solid, policy-oriented answers.

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