Building Healthy Communities: Case studies of place-based efforts to improve health

The California Endowment's Building Healthy Communities initiative is working in 14 sites throughout the state to build the power of local communities to advance health equity. The sites' systems- and policy-change efforts — often focused on prevention — span a wide range of issues, from improving access to healthy food to expanding economic opportunities for residents. The ultimate goal is to scale this local work to have broad, statewide impact.

To inspire more places to embark upon similar efforts, Berkeley Media Studies Group has developed case studies of several BHC sites. The case studies, listed below, share stories of hard-fought successes, how sites overcame challenges along the way, and lessons learned.

Case studies

From farm to every fork: Rewriting the narrative on urban agriculture in Sacramento

Ending the school-to-prison Pipeline: A case study of community-led discipline in Kern County

From 'bad apples' to broken systems: How Richmond residents rewrote the narrative on the formerly incarcerated

Reading for health: A reimagined, community-driven approach to early literacy in Del Norte County and Tribal Lands

Reimagining public space to benefit health and foster community: A case study of Salinas' annual Ciclovía

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