Raising voices for children's health

In 1997, as part of a major initiative on children's health, The California Endowment contracted with BMSG to compile a series of framing memos on how various children's health issues are covered in the news media, and to use the findings in media advocacy trainings for children's health advocates in California.

Related publications

We produced Issues on children's health, childhood nutrition, child care, and how American values are used to support children's health issues in the news.

Case study

We wrote a case study on how the Regional Asthma Management Program successfully organized county public health departments, health maintenance organizations, and children's health advocates to address the problems of asthma across the San Francisco Bay Area.


We trained children's health advocates throughout California so they could be confident, skilled spokespeople when talking with reporters or policy makers as they advocated for local policies to benefit children's health.

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