Strategic communication to support young men of color who are survivors of violence

BMSG is providing strategic communication support to grantees of the Healing Justice Alliance (HJA), which is committed to helping communities address youth violence as a public health issue and improving responses to survivors of violence, particularly boys and young men of color.

After identifying the communication needs of each grantee site, BMSG will provide media advocacy trainings and webinars to help participants build the skills and capacity they need to make the case for policies that improve public health and safety outcomes for male survivors of violence. We will also help convene an annual workshop focused on messaging and outreach, provide technical assistance to grantee sites, train them to conduct strategic media monitoring, and develop communication resources for HJA's bi-monthly newsletter. 

Related work

Webinar: Beyond the Data: Telling Your Story (July 13, 2016): In this session, BMSG helped participants learn how to incorporate story elements to support advocates' messages and frames. Story elements include visuals, sound or media bites, "authentic voices," or spokespeople who can deliver messages to specific targets, and social math, which helps bring visual context to data, statistics or trends.

Webinar: Learn How to Change the Discourse (March 9, 2016): Monitoring the news helps us understand the public conversation around violence and identify opportunities to change it. In this webinar, BMSG showed participants how to monitor news about violence, analyze it, disseminate it strategically to their networks, and capitalize on opportunities to move the conversation toward solutions.


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