Strengthening racial and health equity communications and organizational capacity in California

We all want to live in healthy, thriving communities where everyone can reach their full potential. Across the country, local health departments play a special and critical role in making this a reality. While many are making progress, there are opportunities for local health departments to expand their work to have a deeper impact on racial and health equity. Through this project, funded by The California Endowment, Berkeley Media Studies Group will help local health departments and their partners communicate more effectively about racial and health inequities and build their organizational capacity to advance equity in communities through the state.

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Webinar recording: Immigration: A dialogue with Alameda County Public Health Department
Immigration policy can have profound impacts on the health of our communities. In this webinar, part of a "Communicating About Health Equity" series supported by The California Endowment, Berkeley Media Studies Group engages the Alameda County Public Health Department in a conversation about how they are working to bring public health to the forefront of public discourse on immigration.
This website from our partners at Human Impact Partners is filled with case studies, webinars and other resources to help local health departments become more strategic in their approaches to addressing the root causes of health inequities.

Public Health Awakened: Organizing for health, equity, and justice
BMSG is proud to be part of Public Health Awakened, which works with social justice movements to create a world in which everyone can thrive and to resist the threats facing communities of color and low-income communities. As part of our work with Public Health Awakened, we've helped create tools and resources to boost advocates' ability to make the case for why taxes are important to health.

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