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by Lori Dorfman | San Francisco Chronicle
Saturday, April 5, 1997

Involvement in the arts and music helps prepare young people for the responsibilities of adult life. Investing in such programs is sound economic policy and smart public policy.

by Lori Dorfman | Los Angeles Times
Tuesday, March 18, 1997

Alcohol is the country's No. 1 drug problem, but ABC's public service advertising is not the way to address it. Raising alcohol's price through excise taxes is.

by Phyllis Orrick, Susan Rasky | SF Weekly
Wednesday, January 15, 1997

Berkeley Media Studies Group and its partners at Coleman Advocates, a San Francisco-based welfare rights group, are training a group of San Francisco parents to get their voices heard in the media, making sure the opinions and needs of ordinary citizens -- women and children in particular -- don't go unnoticed.

by Katie Woodruff | San Francisco Chronicle
Monday, October 14, 1996

BMSG's Katie Woodruff commends the Chronicle for a front-page article that illustrated the connection between violence and economic conditions in East Palo Alto. Also promising, writes Woodruff, was city officials' recognition that increasing economic opportunity -- not police -- is key to reducing crime.

by Lawrence Wallack | The New York Times
Thursday, July 4, 1996

The proliferation of guns, increasing income disparities, the widespread availability of alcohol, and funding prisons over schools have created a recipe for youth crime. Youth did not create the policies that led to these conditions. Yet, as BMSG co-director Lawrence Wallack points out, society vilifies youth when these conditions prove harmful.

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