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by Lawrence Wallack | San Francisco Examiner
Monday, March 13, 1995

The tobacco industry has accused UCSF professor Dr. Stanton Glantz of using inaccurate data and has called him offensive. That the industry has paid so much attention to Dr. Glantz speaks to his effectiveness in promoting policies that make Californians healthier by reducing exposures to second-hand smoke, writes Lawrence Wallack in this letter to the editor.

by Lawrence Wallack | The Oakland Tribune
Wednesday, October 5, 1994

BMSG's Lawrence Wallack discusses the shooting of an Oakland teen as an illustration of the role alcohol too often plays in deadly violence.

by Lori Dorfman | San Francisco Chronicle
Thursday, September 29, 1994

Crime and violence are devastating California emotionally and financially, writes BMSG's Lori Dorfman, who recommends investing more money on safe parks, libraries and other resources that will help prevent crime in the first place.

by Judith Michaelson | Los Angeles Times
Saturday, March 19, 1994

Dr. Jay Gordon, a pediatrician consultant to ABC's "Home" show, was dismayed to learn that producers cut his comments opposing the advertising of cancer- and disease-causing drugs to children from the show's West Coast broadcast. The comments came during a panel discussion with Berkeley Media Studies Group co-founder Lawrence Wallack.

by Lawrence Wallack | The Oakland Tribune
Tuesday, February 22, 1994

In this letter to the editor, BMSG's Lawrence Wallack discusses the importance of expanding crime reporting to include the context of violence statistics so that news reports do not contribute to an atmosphere of fear or unfairly scapegoat youth for violent acts.

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