media advocacy

media advocacy

Using media advocacy to engage elected officials

A small campaign with big impact offers lessons for advocates working to create long-term, lasting social change. Read more >

9 tips for crafting effective media bites

How public health and social justice advocates can create quotable quotes that journalists use and readers remember. Read more >

Whose voices are missing from news coverage of soda taxes?

In this Q&A, Dr. Vicki Alexander, who helped lead Berkeley, California's successful soda tax campaign, discusses the importance of elevating community voices in public health battles and shares lessons for other cities looking to regulate sugary drinks. Read more >

Media advocacy in the age of Trump

As he races for the Republican nomination, how is Donald Trump shaping public discourse and what does this mean for advocates' messaging efforts? Read more >

Studying the news as a public health strategy

New BMSG research highlights how media monitoring can inform public health efforts on a range of issues from violence prevention to sugary drinks. We'll present findings at this year's meeting of the American Public Health Association. Read more >

Lessons in public health messaging: Q&A with Fernando Quintero

How public health messages are framed affects how the public and policymakers understand issues and what to do about them.'s Inside Track talks with BMSG's Fernando Quintero about the pitfalls of one common type of framing and how advocates can avoid it. Read more >

What's missing from news coverage of emergency contraception?

New BMSG research found that coverage so focused on the political controversy surrounding emergency contraception that it left real women's voices out of the conversation. Read more >

Using social math to support your policy issue

How advocates can make dense data meaningful for reporters, policymakers and the public. Read more >

Top 10 public health media bites of 2014

Public health issues have been a dominant part of the news this year, and advocates played a major role in shaping their coverage. Out of these efforts emerged many memorable media bites. Here are 10 of BMSG's favorites.

5 lessons in media advocacy from battles with Big Soda

Berkeley's landslide victory in passing a tax on sugary drinks, along with other cities' recent efforts to do the same, reveals some do's and don'ts in developing strategic media advocacy campaigns. Read more >

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