target marketing

target marketing

Big Data and the transformation of food and beverage marketing: What can public health advocates do about it?

A recent commentary published in Critical Public Health explores how six cutting-edge digital marketing techniques may be undermining public health efforts to improve nutrition and reduce obesity. Read more >

The Oscars of the ad industry showcase latest techniques by junk food marketers

Cutting-edge digital tactics for marketing junk food and sugary drinks to young people were on display at the 2017 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. What can public health advocates do to counter these slick campaigns? Read more >

How marketers target communities of color with junk food and sugary drinks

At a San Francisco Board of Supervisors committee meeting, BMSG's Fernando Quintero testified on the tactics food and beverage companies use to target communities of color with unhealthy products. The committee heard — and later recommended for adoption — three new sugary drinks bills at the June 1, 2015 meeting. Read more >

Pushing back against beverage industry marketing and exploitation

New California legislation would help combat diabetes in the communities that are the most affected by the disease — and the most targeted by sugary drink companies. Read more >

How Big Food is targeting my toddler

As a media researcher, I spend my days analyzing the food industry's marketing of junk to children, so I'm uniquely aware of their insidious tactics. But now, as my daughter approaches age 2 and the food industry sets its sights on her, I'm not just studying the problem. I'm living it. Read more >

What Coke's new ads don't tell you

In its latest ad campaign, Coca-Cola claims that it is committed to fighting obesity -- so why doesn't the beverage giant stop targeting low-income children of color? Read more >

What is PepsiCo buying with donations to communities of color?

The National Association of Hispanic Journalists is one of several prominent Latino organizations that has recently accepted large sums of money from PepsiCo. In doing so, such groups gain much-needed funds for scholarships and internships but may risk losing something even bigger.  Read more >

Fighting to make water a human right

As we approach World Water Day on March 22, the United Nations reminds us that water is a human right. Their message challenges the long-standing privitization of water. Yet having a strong message is only half the battle in achieving equitable access to clean, affordable water. Taking action is critical too. Read more >

New brief shows how food and beverage companies target Latino youth

At a time when obesity has reached epidemic proportions, food and beverage companies continue to heavily target the environments that young Latino and African Americans live in with fatty and sugary foods. New research briefs from Salud America! expand our understanding of industry tactics. Read more >

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