How perceptions of the tobacco, alcohol and food industries differ in public health debates

At the 8th European Public Health Conference in Milan, leading international experts, including BMSG's Lori Dorfman, explored how corporations are portrayed in public health debates and how public health professionals perceive their role in shaping public policy. Read more >

Food industry messaging pulled from Big Tobacco playbook

A new study from BMSG explores the tobacco industry's use of personal choice messaging to shift blame for its products' health harms onto consumers. Now Big Food is taking a page from tobacco's well-worn playbook. How similar are the two industries and what does this mean for advocates? Read more >

Hang in there, advocates: Change takes time

In the fight for public health and social change, advocacy groups must often work for decades before seeing real change. But, as a recent victory for environmental health advocates shows, the struggle is well worth it. And media advocacy can play an important role in getting there. Read more >

What is PepsiCo buying with donations to communities of color?

The National Association of Hispanic Journalists is one of several prominent Latino organizations that has recently accepted large sums of money from PepsiCo. In doing so, such groups gain much-needed funds for scholarships and internships but may risk losing something even bigger.  Read more >

Paula Deen and the politics of personal responsibility

Following Food Network star Paula Deen's announcment that she has Type-2 diabetes, fans have rallied behind her in support. But the arguments that they -- and Deen herself -- are using to defend her promotion of high-calorie foods are eerily similar to the industry rhetoric used to defend another Southern product: tobacco. Read more >

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